J. Cacciola Gallery W is committed to seeking out exceptional artists and bringing their work to a wider public, a commitment that has been consistent since our establishment in 1986. We hope that you will join us on this journey and share our excitement in savoring the work of established artists as well as discovering new faces and new directions in contemporary art.

Our Services:
J. Cacciola has consistently adhered to the highest standards in art and service to collectors. The gallery offers a full range of consulting services to assist both private and corporate collectors. With over 35 years experience we are committed to developing quality collections that reflect the unique tastes and requirements of each collector. Through thoughtful planning and collaboration with the client we can assist in creating a collection that heightens the attractiveness and enhances the image of both public and private environments. Collector's goals, preferences and budget are always foremost in the planning and execution of our consulting process. We are in association with a variety of artists, gallerists and private dealers and are able to provide a comprehensive selection of media and genres to meet every client's goals and budget.

In addition to our white-glove installation service, we now have the capacity to customize a portfolio of works based on your interests, and present them to you in a private showroom in Chelsea, Los Angeles or New Jersey – or, better yet, in your own home or office.


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